How to Increase your Margins (especially during times of difficult trading)

How to Increase your Margins (especially during times of difficult trading)

To grow your profits by 10% i.e. to increase your margin from 10% to 11% (which for most companies is a big deal.) you need to increase your prices and sales volume by 1% and reduce your costs by 1%.

The following video explains:

Go to for more videos and ideas on how to grow the profits in your business.

Peter Dickinson is an experienced, director, high growth business coach, facilitator, interim, digital marketeer, customer services champion, project manager, change management consultant and advisor and has worked with over 300 companies helping them develop a systematic approach to growing their businesses. Working with companies as a high growth business coach, facilitator or interim, Peter will help crystallise the vision, rationalise strategy, identify the most cost effective routes to market including the development of new products, develop a consistent sales approach, champion customer service, streamline processes and identify key performance indicators to help drive the business to meet the goals of the main stakeholders. LinkedIn: (Open Networker) Twitter: Facebook: Web site:

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