How do you get the best from your team?

Great teams have great leaders and the questions below will help you think and act more like a successful leader. Developing your team so that they can execute projects with minimal supervision means that you can get on with more strategic issues. This means you and your team will be more successful.

  • When you want a task or project doing how you can set the desired result for the task rather than telling the team how to do it?
  • How can you let somebody else lead the team on the project so that they take ownership and therefore responsibility for it?
  • How can set the scope of the task or project so that the team know the boundaries of what they are working on?
  • How can you define the problem so that the team really understand what issues are being resolved?
  • Look at how you can develop your staff so that they bring you solutions to problems rather than just the problems.
  • How can you get the team to take into account the views of other stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, other departments and outside agencies?
  • How can you make it clear to the team what the consequences of not achieving the targets are? What targets could you set?

Top Tips:

  • Discuss with the team how the desired targets can be achieved.If the team think the targets aren’t achievable, work with them to remove the obstacles so that they are.
  • Letting somebody else lead the team on a project means that you can concentrate on how the project fits in with other functions. It makes them more accountable and allows them to develop so that you have capable successors to you when you move on.
  • Develop your team so that they have identified potential solutions to a problem rather than just the problem for you to fix.
  • Make it clear to the team what the consequences of failure are. You are ultimately responsible for the performance of the team and so they need to know what needs to be achieved and by when and what the consequences of not achieving the agreed objectives are.

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Peter Dickinson is an experienced, director, high growth business coach, facilitator, interim, digital marketeer, customer services champion, project manager, change management consultant and advisor and has worked with over 300 companies helping them develop a systematic approach to growing their businesses. Working with companies as a high growth business coach, facilitator or interim, Peter will help crystallise the vision, rationalise strategy, identify the most cost effective routes to market including the development of new products, develop a consistent sales approach, champion customer service, streamline processes and identify key performance indicators to help drive the business to meet the goals of the main stakeholders. LinkedIn: (Open Networker) Twitter: Facebook: Web site:

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