Free Social Media Marketing

It is tough going in the current economic climate and everybody is working hard just to stand still.

Social Media Marketing

KUB has launched a free marketing service on social media to any company looking to grow their business. This includes those who have just started trading.

The rapid growth in Social Media Marketing which includes Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, WordPress, Ushi (Chinese), Xing (German) and Google + etc means that it is another job that a busy owner/manager has to do and must do as traditional forms of marketing are now failing.

That’s why KUB is now offering a new social media marketing service including a free option for those who want to increase traffic to their web site at no cost.

Free Social Media Marketing

It is a simple offer; send me a case study or a piece of news that is either on your web site or in Word and I will put it out on to: Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, Facebook & Google+. I am currently adding 20 or so followers a day on to Twitter, have nearly 4500 direct contacts on Linkedin which means a total network size of 15 million and am building contacts on the Chinese equivalent Ushi and the German equivalent Xing and Facebook. I have also registered on the new rival to Facebook called Google +.

Is there a catch? Why is it free?

There is no catch. It is win-win. I need to build a large presence on social media containing business related information and stories and you as a business need to create a presence and increase the back links to your web site with case studies and news stories in order to maintain and improve your position in Google.

Your press release or case study will appear on

Paid for Social Media Marketing

The free version increases your presence on the web but doesn’t build up your followers in the social media. At this stage it may not matter, it is certainly a subject for debate. However, although it is not clear how social media will impact on your marketing mix things are changing and it does take time to build up a presence. So the ideal situation is to build up your own followers on the various networks at low cost.

This is why KUB has launched a paid for service that is designed to build your presence at low cost and hassle so that as marketing through Social Media matures you will have a significant presence.

The service is a menu of options and the cost is dependent on what you require. This is in addition to what I offer as part of the free service. A selection of services would be compiled from the list below and a monthly cost agreed payable by standing order in order to minimize administrative costs.

The options are:

  • Create and manage your Twitter account including increasing your followers from your target audience.
  • Create and manage a WordPress Blog so that case studies and stories that you have had written are easily accessible.
  • Write case studies or stories for use on the Web. Typically, you might add this to your web site, email it out to your customers and then a modified version would go on to your WordPress account. This would be done once per month and would probably be a mixture of case studies of completed projects and news. This is also available as a one-off option if you are not able to generate a case study or have news each month.
  • Create a Facebook Page for your company, gain 25 likes from your target audience and claim your company’s Facebook user name for.
  • Create and manage your Linkedin Profile.

Call 0845 053 7417 if you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss the service that best meets your needs.

  1. Fabulous article, explains the principals of social media in easy to understand terms plus how to utilise the technology.

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